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Description Of Work: 
1CallDone did a home inspection and mold test on the residence I am buying.
Member Comments: 
Jonathan showed up early and that was no easy feat
considering how foggy it was. He promptly started
working. I introduced myself
to him and instantly it
was like we were long lost friends, completely friendly
and professional. He offered for me to tag along and
see what he was doing. If you ask me this company is
the real deal and you couldnt ask for a better place to
have do your inspection. He was very knowledgable and
as soon as I expressed my concerns with the house he
said "let's check it out". He took his time going through
the house inch by inch and very methodically worked his
way from the outside of the residence to the inside, in
the attic and then into the crawl space under the house.
He was fun to talk to and kept a great attitude even
when crawling out from under the house after three
hours of inspecting the rest of the house. Buying a
house is a nerve racking experience that he made
easier by inspecting the house as if he was checking
it out for his very own parents. Take my word, if you
choose them, you will be very satisfied with your choice.
Thanks for the great experience.


Below is a small portion of comments made about 1CallDone Inspections.


"I wanted to get my parents' home inspected for mold. Through a Google search, I learned about 1CallDone Inspections. I filled out a contact form online and was quickly contacted by Johnathan via email and phone. At the inspection, he impressed my parents by explaining very clearly what he was doing and why he was taking samples in specific locations around the house. The report that we received a few days later was very professional yet easy to read because it had photos, summary of findings as well as the very technical lab results. The report also had a reference guide to help us understand the lab results. Johnathan also followed up with a phone call to see if we had any questions. Working with 1CallDone Inspections was a wonderful first experience since we had never worked with this type of business before. My family and I highly recommend them if you need your home inspected."

Karla Orosco
Hanford CA


"J & R inspections were prompt and extremely thorough.  They were able to get an inspector out with very short notice.  The inspection revealed some costly problems with the REO that my clients were purchasing.  This empowered my clients to confidently ask for a reduction in price to accommodate the needed repairs that were not noticed during our initial visual inspections."

Job Melton-Broker
Fresno, Ca.


"I hired J & R Inspections to inspect the home I put an offer on. I was very scared and did not know what I was to do as this was the first home I was buying. Jonathan arrived well before the inspection time. As Jonathan inspected the home, he explained everything he was doing and gave me many tips on operating several different items. He was very nice and put me at ease with his professionalism. J & R Inspections was well worth the inspection fee."

Robin L.
Hanford, Ca.

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Jonathan was extremely thorough. He explained both good and bad points about the house and pointed out issues and resolutions.
I recommend him highly.

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