1CallDone Certified Inspections offers you a wide range of top notch services. Services such as a termite inspection, a one year subscription to Home Owners Network, a Recall Check report on all appliances in your home for the life of them Infrared/Thermal Imaging to 'see' inside your walls and Mold Testing backed by licensed laboratory results to just name a few.
We use the highest quality, highly technical equipment backed by constant training to provide you with the most through inspections and reports you are in need of backed by a 200% guarantee that you will not find elsewhere! 

Keep in mind that single inspection companies offering all these quality services are rarely found if ever however 1CallDone Certified Inspections does offer this complete package. 

We will not be the cheapest inspection company you can find in your area, however we deliver so much that is included in our price that you will actually save money. Our prices will be minimal considering the large real estate investment your currently making. 

So see inside your an inspection by contacting us by phone or send us an e-mail to us so we can get a better idea of what you are in need of. We will then provide you with a quote backed with a 200% satisfaction guarantee!


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