Uses for White Vinegar

White Vinegar.

Is there anything this magic wonder can’t do? I use it to clean windows, the bathroom, the coffee maker, in the laundry, and on the floors. Did you know it has germ killing ability? And it’s cheap. What’s not to like?

In the coffee maker: Fill the water reservoir with it and turn it on clean and after half the vinegar has gone through, unplug it. Let it set for the day and plug it back in that evening. What that does is holds the vinegar in the water lines allowing you to get more of the hard water crud out. Another little tip from Grams, my mom. Cool huh? We have extremely hard water here in our wheat field, but we’ve also have had the same coffee pot for over ten years now. So this really works.

In the laundry: I put in 1/4 to 1/2 cup in the fabric softener holder thingy. This takes moldy smells out of towels and all the residual soap and detergent out of your laundry during the rinse cycle. I can’t do laundry without it or my clothes line.

In the kitchen: Instead of using jet dry I use white vinegar in that reservoir thingy too. (I only put two teaspoon total of dish washing detergent, too.) My dishes come out clean and lovely.

In the bathroom: I spray and wipe down everything with it. For stubborn soap scum, add some baking soda to make a paste and scrub the enamel parts and the faucets and rinse.

On the floors:  I mix half cup of vinegar to every gallon of water to clean the floors. This works really great for ‘dry mopping’ hardwood floors, that will buff to a shine.

Windows: Mix three tablespoons white vinegar, a quarter teaspoon dish soap and 2 cups of water in a spray bottle for windows that shine. (This will last me a year. That’s how much I love doing windows.)

These are old time tested ways to use this naturally green stuff. Isn’t it weird, what is old is new again. What goes around comes around. What do you use white vinegar for?

Submitted by JonathanMeeker on Sun, 05/29/2011 - 20:45.
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